Friday, May 2, 2014

Lowes clearance find

Price was 50 dollars. On clearance for under 11 !They had different kinds! I'm sure they will go fast check your lowes.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Giant eagle and no more foodperks?

Giant eagle is no longer going to do foodperks,  however u can still get 3 cents off each gallon of gas daily with your card and by buying gift cards food ext. will still go to your fuelperks. They are sending these golden rewards out monthly this month I got 20 dollars for giant eagle and a free sub at get go.  As I will miss the foodperks I used them monthly they are moving towards easier more frequent use of savings.  Hope they send good golden rewards every month or I will have to look for a new place to shop the foodperks end Feb 13th but u have until March to use them.  They still double coupons up to 99 cents so still many ways to save.  I have seen a lot of back lash on them but I am looking for more positive ways to shop there cause I do enjoy the service and stores . 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Dollar tree haul

Coupon haul from dollars tree!  Love it now that they take coupons. Make sure u check size limits on product and on coupons! Shopping at dollar tree with coupons can be tricky

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

my favorite coupon deal from rite aid the week of 10-07-12 to 10-13-12 free and possible money maker !

good coupon deals this week ! for all of them check my youtube videos @xoxoamandakisses 

but this one is 100% free and no need to mess around with up rewards nothing out of pocket here is how it works 

this week in the rite aid flyer on the back there is a coupon for thermacare 
it is on sale for 3 dollars 
with this coupon it makes it 100% free 
just clip the coupon 

 this coupon does state one per customer i have personally went to a few rite aids and gotten several with no problems !

 this is the one u are wanting to look out for
 i have went to a few rite aids and 2 of them did this ....

when u check out it will auto print a coupon for 2 dollars off my cashieres have scanned this coupon ontop of the 3 dollar coupon making it a 2 dollar money maker ( make sure u have overage )

i never seen this coupon cause they just kept scanning them off but i did get one after my day was over after reading the coupon it says its good on any 2 count or larger ! the free sale is only for the 1 count ! so idk if they are not reading the coupon or what but really its not meant to be used with this sale but mine have all just scanned it never giving this coupon to me so have some overage in case this happens to you !
this is a free deal and possible money maker !

happy shopping 

what i added into my stock pile this week !

here is what i added into my stock pile this week 

( please know i donate alot and help friends and family members out ) 

alot of amazing deals this week check my youtube videos on deals and how i did this 
ton of money makers and free items ! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

cvs deals starting 2-26-12

physicians formula this week spend 10 get 7 back in ecb
use 1 dollar off coupon
or look for 3 dollar peelie on product !
a lot of free makeup items!!!

thermacare on sale 3.49
get bk ecb 3.49 ( limit 1)

on sale 1.00
use 1.00 coupon

use coupon 1 dollar off 2
.49 cents each after coupon 

collgate  sensitive pro relief toothpaste 4.99
use .75 off coupon
get bk 4.00 ecb
.24 cents after ecb

just the ones that stood out to me i will add more as i go through the coupons

Sunday, February 19, 2012

.20 cent kotex at cvs ! clearance deal

these kotex are on clearance ! 75% off 
they are ringing up for 1.20 ! 
use the copon below for 1 dollar off 
pay .20 cents for 14 count or 16 count