Wednesday, October 10, 2012

my favorite coupon deal from rite aid the week of 10-07-12 to 10-13-12 free and possible money maker !

good coupon deals this week ! for all of them check my youtube videos @xoxoamandakisses 

but this one is 100% free and no need to mess around with up rewards nothing out of pocket here is how it works 

this week in the rite aid flyer on the back there is a coupon for thermacare 
it is on sale for 3 dollars 
with this coupon it makes it 100% free 
just clip the coupon 

 this coupon does state one per customer i have personally went to a few rite aids and gotten several with no problems !

 this is the one u are wanting to look out for
 i have went to a few rite aids and 2 of them did this ....

when u check out it will auto print a coupon for 2 dollars off my cashieres have scanned this coupon ontop of the 3 dollar coupon making it a 2 dollar money maker ( make sure u have overage )

i never seen this coupon cause they just kept scanning them off but i did get one after my day was over after reading the coupon it says its good on any 2 count or larger ! the free sale is only for the 1 count ! so idk if they are not reading the coupon or what but really its not meant to be used with this sale but mine have all just scanned it never giving this coupon to me so have some overage in case this happens to you !
this is a free deal and possible money maker !

happy shopping 

what i added into my stock pile this week !

here is what i added into my stock pile this week 

( please know i donate alot and help friends and family members out ) 

alot of amazing deals this week check my youtube videos on deals and how i did this 
ton of money makers and free items ! 

Friday, February 24, 2012

cvs deals starting 2-26-12

physicians formula this week spend 10 get 7 back in ecb
use 1 dollar off coupon
or look for 3 dollar peelie on product !
a lot of free makeup items!!!

thermacare on sale 3.49
get bk ecb 3.49 ( limit 1)

on sale 1.00
use 1.00 coupon

use coupon 1 dollar off 2
.49 cents each after coupon 

collgate  sensitive pro relief toothpaste 4.99
use .75 off coupon
get bk 4.00 ecb
.24 cents after ecb

just the ones that stood out to me i will add more as i go through the coupons

Sunday, February 19, 2012

.20 cent kotex at cvs ! clearance deal

these kotex are on clearance ! 75% off 
they are ringing up for 1.20 ! 
use the copon below for 1 dollar off 
pay .20 cents for 14 count or 16 count 

Friday, February 17, 2012

clearance pluse coupon deal on makeup at rite aid 2-12

great deal at rite aid alot of the pf are 75% off ! ringing up from little over a dollar to 2 dollars ! there is also a dollar off coupon or if u can find one with a peelie coupon like i did its free !!!! from shadows, to bronzers, to eye liners alot of great finds ! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

cheap foundation 2-12-12 rite aid

not the cheapest deal but i wanted to try this ! 
i got this coupon in all you magazine if you don't get this you need to ! has great coupons in it ! 
this week at rite aid revlon is 40% off 
use this 2 dollar off coupon 
also if u buy 2 revlon products u get 2 dollars back in up rewards 

irish spring deodorant free clearance deal rite aid 2-12-12

irish spring is on clearance 75% off it is ringing up for 1.00!!! 

 use this coupon making it free !

cheap soft soap rite aid 2-12-12

soft hand soap is on sale this week at rite aid for .97 cents use this coupon and get for .57 cents each 

free deodorant at rite aid ( speed stick ) 2-12-12

this week at rite aid the sale is on speed stick buy one get one free ! 
thats a good deal but with coupons we can do better ! 

 use this coupon buy one get one free = both for free !!!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

giant eagle 1-15-12 cheap dog food

the coupon u will need is in this ss from this week !!! 

this week the 4lb bag of cat or dog food is 2 for 12 ! 
here is the ad 

 use this 5 dollar coupon for the dog food !! use 2 of them pay 2 dollars for 2 4lb bags of dog food at 1 dollar a bag great stalk up price !!!! my animals will be happy this is all they will eat so will be stalking up for sure this coupon is a great one im sure there will be free deals on this as well but on smaller bags
happy shopping 

cvs glade deal 1-15-12

not the best week but here is a good deal 
glade are 5 dollars this week spend 12 get 4 ecb ( extra care bucks bk ) 
limit 1 

 buy 3 (15 dollars )
use 3 of coupons listed below
pay out of pocket 6 dollars
get 4 dollars back
like paying 2 for all 3
or .67 cents each !!!
 coupon found in this weeks smart source looks like this hope its easier to find (;
happy shopping !
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Friday, January 13, 2012

recalls !

as we use coupons a lot of these items end up being free items so im sure some have a lot on our shelves ! go to this site to see what is all recalled never be too safe

thanks for reading 

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

free scrubbing bubbles !! at giant eagle

giant eagle sale starting tomorrow thursday 1-12-12 
sscrubbing bubbles toilet cleaners on sale for 3.99 !!! 

 here is the smart source u want to look for (1-8-12)
 there is a 4 dollar off coupon will make this item FREE
 there are also 2 dollars off refils use that with this one listed below ( found in the boxes of the toilet cleaners ! ) and u can get 2 for 2 dollars !
the last ones i bought for free at walmart last sale on these there where coupons inside the boxes check urs if so there will be 3 dollar off coupons for each one u buy ( toilet cleaners ) so u can get them for .99 cents


happy shopping ! 

Sunday, January 8, 2012

free chocolate rite aid

rite aid sale is buy one get one free listed below 
but y pay for the first one ? 
get 2 for free hershey bars coupon u need listed next picture 

 this is what u need ss insert this week 1-8
2 for free !!
follow for deals and giveaways !

here are all my sites u can find me or follow me on just because if in not on one i will be on another i update these daily ! 

my fashion and outfit of the day blog

items for sale blog
inspire and advice blog /

my diy and recipe blog

free markers at staples

bic permeant markers 5 pack on sale for 1 dollar great deal in itself concerdiering they are almost 5 reg price but with coupons=free and no limit (:

 here is the coupon u need this weeks ( 1-8) ss
have fun shopping for free thanks for reading check my links for other sales and giveaways 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

staples deal

ran into this deal today glad i had some of my coupons with me(;
these are normally 9.99 
on sale now for 50% making them 5 

 use the 2 dollar off coupon making them 3 dollars great deal !
valentines day is coming this would be a cute gift (;

Friday, January 6, 2012

britta classic pitcher or 3pk refils

brita water pitcher or refils on sale for 14.99
mail in rebate for 5.00
then a 10 dollar mail in rebate from britta found here 
making a money maker !!!

 below is the coupon u need and about is the link u sign up for the 10 dollar rebate better than free !!!
sale starts sunday ! happy shopping 

rite aid sales 1-8-12

tons of buy one get one free !!!
working out the best deals for next week here is a preview of what is all buy one get one free will be great deals with coupon match ups !!!!! here is some picks of this weeks ad of rite aid
sale does not start until sunday jan 8th good through the 14th !

 i just got this and looked through breifly but one sale i do know for sure about it the therma care the deal i thought of is buy 2 ( listed on the coupon ) for 5 dollars off buy 2 after u buy get 3 dollars back in up rewards
pay 1 dollar for both get 3 dollars back in uprewards
2 dollar money maker !
will list more sales tomorrow with coupon match ups for sunday happy shopping 

monster deal ~ rite aid

monster is on sale ( last day tomorrow ! )

2 for 3 dollars then u get 1.50 back in up rewards
if u go through a lot of monster like i do this is a steal 1.50 for 2 after up rewards !!! limit is 2 per card (;

whats new with rite aid 2012 ? new policies

well one good thing with rite aid new wellness card is u can now load them onto ur wellness + card ! i love the idea of this cvs has been doing this for some time so we will see how rite aid can keep up

one thing i am not too happy with is tonight i went to my rite aid i found myself wanting to do my second transaction with my up rewards i got from my first transaction the store manager the one who checked me out was rude and not so nice saying i couldn't use my up rewards until the next day at 6am after getting them so u wont be able to use the up rewards u get the same day ... kindof sucks and really feel bad for those who do not have a rite aid close to them  ! i am just going to start rolling the up rewards week to week and this may work out okay just to get the hot items with up rewards and then come back a later day in the week to use the up rewards either way its the new changes of rite aid

will they stick to this hard to say i see a lot of stores still letting the up rewards go through same day just time will tell im sure !

you can check all the limits and rules yourself here at rite aid site

thanks for reading 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

whats free at walmart 1-1-12

cascade travel packs
i used the .25 cent off coupons from this pg ( only thing in this picture i paid for ! )
the duck tape ( few weeks ago not sure the insert ) or below i had a link to their website for a printable 1 dollar off coupon these are 1 dollar at walmart i had 3 coupons = free tape !
the brawny paper towels where 1 dollar go to their facebook for a dollar printable ! = free
the box potatoes there was a coupon in all you magazine for a free box i had 3 coupons so got 3=free !
happy shopping check out my other coupon videos weekly 

clearanced at cvs !

alot of 50% to 75% off makeup sales at cvs wet n wild is just one of them ! and one of my picks if u have yet to buy these pallets this is the time to give in and grab some they are amazing !!!!! 

Monday, January 2, 2012