Monday, August 1, 2011

cvs coupon haul week of july 31

this is a good coupon scan ur card 3 dollars off a 10 dollar purchase

The price scanner is printing out $3 off any $10 cosmetic purchase, combine that with:
Revlon Super Lustrous, Moon Drops or ColorBurst Lip products, Top Speed Nail or CustomEyes Mascara $5.79 each get $3 extrabucks back *limit 6

buy 2 products for $11.58 (-$3 from price scanner) (-$6 extrabucks back) = $2.58 for two items, but the CustomEyes Mascara has a $2 peel off coupon on the package so that brings it down to $.58, or if you happen to have any Revlon coupons use these too !
i forgot to take a picture of the coupon i used b4 i used it but tide is on sale for 3.99
i had a coupon that expired the 31st for 3.00 off any stain realse !
making this item .99 cents

this is what i bought this week .....
the rasor pictured below was on sale for 9.99
i had a coupon for 4.00 off
i paid cash out of pocket 5.99
after buying i got back extra rewards of 5.00 making this item .99 cents !

this is the coupon i used
next where the soleil rasors mine was sold out i got a rain check but on sale for 5.99
there is a 3.00 off coupon in most sunday papers
pay out of pocket 2.99
get back in extra bucks 2.00
making this rasor free plus one penny money maker ! !
the coupon to look for ... below
puffs on sale for .88 cents
coupon in most sunday papers .25 cents off if u buy 3
purchase 3 and get them for .80 cents each

Skinny Cow candy bar singles FREE
print buy 1 get 1 free coupon here is the link
2 bars $1.98 (-$.99 bogo printable) (-$.99 extrabucks back) = FREE

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