Monday, December 5, 2011

cvs deals 12-4

   Air wick cans ~ 1.00
use printable coupon here 
.50 cents each must buy 2 
Candy Canes, 10 count $1.27 - $1.27 ECB = FREE after reward!, limit 1
American Greeting Cards
ECB: $3 ECB when you buy 3, limit 1
CVS coupon: $2 off and 3 American Greetings cards printable CVS coupon
Total after coupon and ECB = FREE (money maker!)
Revlon cosmetics or beauty tools
ECB: $6 ECB when you buy 2, limit 1
MQ: $1 Revlon cosmetic coupon from 10/9 Walmart insert
This is a good time to get cheap nail clippers that are usually around $3. If they are $3 or less, you will get 2 for FREE after ECB! (you can’t use the cosmetic coupon on the nail clippers)
Schick and Playtex ECB deal
ECB: $10 ECB when you buy $20 worth of products in the ad including various Playtex, Shick shave gel, Schick razors, Schick cartridges
MQ: $1 Playtex coupons from 11/20, BOGO disposable Schick razor coupon from 11/6 SS, $2 Schick Hydro coupons from 11/20 SS, $2 Schick Quattro coupons from 10/30 SS, various Schick coupons in the 12/4 SS insert
You can get a great deal if you get 2 of the Schick disposable razors 10 pack and 1 of the shave gels. Use the BOGO razor coupon, the $1 shave gel coupon from 12/4 and the $2 disposable razor coupon from 12/4 (if we get it). Total will be free or close to free after ECB and coupons! Of course, it all depends on the coupons we get in the 12/4 insert.
Trident gum $1.00 - $1/3 coupon from 10/30 SS = .67 each
Glade/Cleaning ECB deal
ECB: $4 ECB when you buy $12 worth of items in ad including various Glade, Oust, Pledge, Scrubbing Bubbles
MQ: $3 Glade Sense & Spray start kit coupon from All You Magazine September, $1 Glade room spray coupon from All You Magazine September, .75 Pledge coupon from 11/6 SS, $2/2 Pledge coupon from 11/6 SS
If you have 2 of the $3 Glade Sense & Spray starter kit coupons from All You Magazine September and the $1 Glade or the .75 Pledge you can get a great deal.
Total for 2 Sense and Spray at $5 each and 1 Glade spray at $3 = $14
Use two $3 coupons and one $1 coupon = $6 paid at register
Get back $4 in ECB = $2 total after reward (.67 per item – a good deal)
Garnier Fructis shampoo, conditioner, styler
Sale: $3.99
ECB: $3 when you buy 2
MQ: $1 coupons from 10/30 RP
Total after ECB and 2 coupons = $1.49 each
Theraflu, various
Sale: $6.00
ECB: $3 when you buy 2, limit 1
MQ: There should be various coupons in the 12/4 SS insert including a $3 coupon
Total after 2 coupons and ECB = $1.50 each
Holiday M & M’s, 9.9 – 12.6 oz
Sale: $2.50
ECB: $1.00 when you buy 2
MQ: $1/2 coupon from 11/13 RP, $1/2 from December All You Magazine
Total after coupon and ECB = $1.50 each
Arm & Hammer spinbrush or refills
Sale: $5.99
MQ: $2 printable coupon when you sign up, $1 coupon from 10/23 SS
=10Total after $2 coupon and ECB = $1.99
Huggies jumbo pack diapers
Sale: $9.49
ECB: $1.00, limit 1
MQ: $1 coupon from 11/20 SS, $2 coupon for Little Snugglers or Little Movers from 11/20 SS, $2 Snug & Dry coupon from 11/6 Walmart insert
Total after $2 coupon and ECB = $6.49
Luvs diapers ultra leak guards jumbo pack $6.99 - $2 ECB = $4.99 (a good price for a jumbo pack), limit 1
Duracell Batteries
ECB: $5 when you $15 worth
MQ: .75 coupon from 11/27 PG
iTunes Gift Card: $10 ECB when you buy $50 gift card
Gift Card ECB Deal: Get a $10 Gift Card when you buy any of the gift cards pictured in the ad including DSW, The Limited, Golfsmith, Tech Support for Dummies, limit 1
It’s another week of the Gift Card Promotion: $10 ECB when you buy $30 worth of participating products. This week the products include:
General Mills cereals various, Planters nuts, Various Hersheys holiday assorted and extra large bars, Progresso, Altoids, Eclips and Orbit gum, Smuckers, Jif, Cheez –It snack mix, Gardettos mix, Chex mix, Jack’s beef jerky, Dunkin Donuts coffee, Indiana popcorn, Celestial Seasonings or Bigelow tea, Bowl Appetit, Simply Asia, various kids toys, Hefty bags, Mucinex, Ajax, Cottonelle, various fat burners, Breathe Right, Coricidin, Afrin, Pedialyte, Irish Spring deodorant, Speed stick, CVS hair care, various Garnier face care
I will probably be buying a combo of General Mills cereals using coupons that just came out on, Bigelow tea with coupons I got from, some Altoids (hubby loves these – he can have them), and Cottonelle tp. I’ll roll the $10 gift card from doing the promotion last week, ECB’s from Black Friday and a gift card from Swagbucks to pay for it all and then I’ll get another $10 gift card at the end.

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