Wednesday, July 13, 2011

cvs extreme coupon sales week of july 10-16

thinking this will help out better to follow with the coupons i use when i shop i will do this every week when i use them let me know if u like it this way ....
my cvs shopping this week ( some coupons i didn't get to take pictures of but i did a few )

below is the sale on soleil razors the break down
sale price is 6.99
use the coupon below this and it is 3.00 off any bid soleil razor
making out of pocket cost 3.99 pay this cash
after you check out your will get a extra bucks back ( coupon ) for 3.00 back
this means you really only paid .99 cents for this roar and have 3.00 you can add to another purchase or save for next trip(:

below is the coupon i will use for this sale

my cvs was out of stalk of this item so i got a rain check these do not expire and you can still purchase for sale price and still get extra bucks at a later time when this item is restocked

next item i got isn't a super steal but i needed some the gain was on sale for 4.97
nothing back just straight out 4.97
but since i would have my 3.00 extra bucks back from my razor i would use it bringing it to 1.97
i also had a coupon picture listed below of a 1.00 off !
so paying .97 cents !

this is the coupon i used

the next sales im sorry i don't have pictures ( just started this blog today but will from today on out take pictures

the skintimate or edge shaving cream or gel was on sale for 1.99
the cream is normally 1.00 more expensive than the gel so with it all being 1.99 i purchased them

i had a dollar off coupon so the shaving cream was .99 cents

also when u start coupon u roll ur extra bucks over so a lot of the time this is no money out of pocket

next sale is

a lot of revlon makeup is now 75% off !!!
there are also 1.00 off coupons
i got a foundation
and a bronzer
for all under 70 cents each !!!!!

look for clearance items where u make out with coupons

that is the only real good sales i found at cvs this week
happy shopping !

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  1. thanks for the CVS haul videos, i hope you keep doing them...please, if you can, state where you get the coupons from and also consider writing out a haul scenario showing each transaction on paper to share with your viewers...thanks for the great couponing inspiration!

  2. i will do this in the future thanks for the advice i get all my coupons in sunday papers but i will list this in my posts thanks for reading