Sunday, July 17, 2011

rite aid coupon sales of the week july 17-23

rite aid

revolon makeup 40% off on sale
use 1.00 off coupon ( found in most sunday papers )
price varies

gain laundry detergent , fabric softner , or the powder on sale for $4.97
use 1.00 off coupon ( most sunday papers )
price 3.97

excedrin on sale for 1.99 for 20-24 count
coupon . 75 (sunday paper last week)
price 1.24

always , kotex, stayfree , carefree on sale 1.00
use coupons ... either
buy on get on free stayfree
1.00 off carefree
.75 off always (all coupons out of sunday paper )
price varies most free or .25 cents

gain dish soap on sale .89 cents
use coupon .25 cents off (found in sunday paper )
price .64 cents

duracell batteries on sale 5.77
get back after u buy up reward of 1.00 ( use this coupon on next purchase )
like paying 4.77
use coupon 1.50 off ( in sunday paper last week)
price 3.27

not a ton of amazing sales this week and not much o ne thing free but these are the good sales i seen when i looked through my rite aid flyer

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