Friday, January 6, 2012

whats new with rite aid 2012 ? new policies

well one good thing with rite aid new wellness card is u can now load them onto ur wellness + card ! i love the idea of this cvs has been doing this for some time so we will see how rite aid can keep up

one thing i am not too happy with is tonight i went to my rite aid i found myself wanting to do my second transaction with my up rewards i got from my first transaction the store manager the one who checked me out was rude and not so nice saying i couldn't use my up rewards until the next day at 6am after getting them so u wont be able to use the up rewards u get the same day ... kindof sucks and really feel bad for those who do not have a rite aid close to them  ! i am just going to start rolling the up rewards week to week and this may work out okay just to get the hot items with up rewards and then come back a later day in the week to use the up rewards either way its the new changes of rite aid

will they stick to this hard to say i see a lot of stores still letting the up rewards go through same day just time will tell im sure !

you can check all the limits and rules yourself here at rite aid site

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