Friday, January 6, 2012

rite aid sales 1-8-12

tons of buy one get one free !!!
working out the best deals for next week here is a preview of what is all buy one get one free will be great deals with coupon match ups !!!!! here is some picks of this weeks ad of rite aid
sale does not start until sunday jan 8th good through the 14th !

 i just got this and looked through breifly but one sale i do know for sure about it the therma care the deal i thought of is buy 2 ( listed on the coupon ) for 5 dollars off buy 2 after u buy get 3 dollars back in up rewards
pay 1 dollar for both get 3 dollars back in uprewards
2 dollar money maker !
will list more sales tomorrow with coupon match ups for sunday happy shopping 

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